She’s Good With Money offers personal finance classes for professional women looking to get “good with money” and sets them up with the personalized tools, money mindset, and strategies necessary to achieve their long- and short-term financial goals.

We believe that money should not consume you and stress you out; it should be a tool you use to live the life you want. Your money should work for you. And with the SGWM course, you can get you to that point.

If you feel that you “never learned this stuff in school” but wish you did, then SGWM is here for you now that you are ready.  No more winging-it and closing your eyes when checking your bank account. You can handle this and we’ll help you all along the way.

Money management has always been a big part of founder, Liz Bybordi’s life. So has the desire to teach and the desire to help people progress and flourish. After running a personal finance blog after college and receiving frequent questions from young women about their own money circumstances, she saw the need for something more personal, specific, and accessible and She’s Good With Money was born.

Liz Bybordi

She’s Good With Money founder Liz Bybordi is, well, Good With Money!

Growing up volunteering to write her own checks for school supplies and patiently saving for splurges, the world of finance was always a natural fit for Liz; she worked as a wealth management associate and Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM (CRPC®) for over 11 years on Wall Street.

When not balancing her first checkbook, little Liz could be found standing in front of her very own chalkboard, “teacher” to a rapt class of one—her little brother—covering all the basics of entry-level personal finances, from budgeting birthday cash to making a successful case for an allowance bump.

Inspired by her friends, family, and the successes she’s enjoyed in her own life, personal finance is a huge passion of Liz’s—the wheels in her brain turn all the time strategizing, reading, and thinking of new and better ideas on how to manage money.

The experience of a career in money management, passion for teaching, and obsession with all things personal finance have aligned to bring the She’s Good With Money course to life today.