Your Health Is Your Wealth

The best advice when it comes to saving is to start early. The same applies for your health. Preventative measures can save you thousands of dollars and serious pain or illness in the future.

Mom may not be there to make your dentist and doctor appointments anymore, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Find a highly qualified doctor, dentist, or specialist in your area and make your annual appointments. Sites like ZocDoc make this process easy. It’s smart to call beforehand and have them confirm they take your insurance. You may also be able to find out how much you will owe at the time of the visit.

Here’s a quick and easy tip: when the receptionist asks if you’d like to book your next appointment, just say yes. There’s no reason not to and I doubt you have plans at 3:00 pm on a Tuesday 6 months from now. This ensures that you never skip a year of check-ups and that anything serious would not go too long before being discovered.

It’s time to make a concerted effort to put your health at the top of your priorities. What does anything else matter if you don’t have your health?

Here are a few areas to really focus on in your 20’s and onward:


I hope I don’t actually have to remind anyone to brush, but just in case, brush your teeth! Flossing is just as important. The less than five-minute process can prevent cavities, gingivitis, and painful procedures. A root canal can cost upwards of a couple thousand dollars and sounds like a dreaded form of torture! Why subject yourself to this awfulness when it can all be prevented? Make sure to visit the dentist for a full cleaning twice a year and do your part to make sure all you need is a 30-minute cleaning! Focus on maintaining healthy teeth and gums to ensure a beautiful and strong smile well into your old age. Your mouth and your wallet will thank you.


Over and over again the best piece of beauty advice is to wear sunscreen. The sun wreaks havoc on our skin, but it’s almost impossible to avoid sunlight. This is why you have to defend yourself against the harmful effects of the sun, including deadly melanoma. Wearing SPF every day on your exposed skin should become a habit at a young age. The benefits completely outweigh the extra minute added to your morning routine. Besides skin cancer, the sun causes premature aging and wrinkles. Make it a must-do for yourself to visit a dermatologist for a full body skin check. The doctor will then advise you based on what they see. Most people are advised to come in for a check annually. Ask the doctor for some more education on what changes to look for on your skin that could prompt an earlier-than-scheduled visit. Preventative care of your skin now will save you painful and expensive procedures in the future and may even save your life. Also, more beautiful and youthful skin in your later years is a superb bonus!


Ever wonder why some older people seem to deteriorate while others are sky diving at 80 years old? Besides genetics and life choices, a big factor is likely bone density. Did you know that you are building your bone density now to have for the rest of your life? Essentially it’s like putting money in the bank for later use. Talk to your doctor about what you can specifically do for your body to make sure you have high bone density later in life. Some key general tips are to make sure that you intake enough calcium and get exercise. Jump, dance, walk, play…just move! Take steps to make your life less sedentary. Starting young will help to ensure you’ve invested enough in your bones to live a long and strong life!


Mental health should never be overlooked. If you’re struggling with mental illness, then the rest of your physical health is very likely to be effected. We all deal with stress and pressure in different ways. Techniques that work for me may not work for you, and vice versa. Never be afraid to reach out and talk to a professional. To get through this stressful thing called life, make sure you keep your mental health in check. Never underestimate the helpfulness of breathing techniques. Take a few moments every so often to breathe deeply and close your eyes.  Incorporating yoga and meditation into your life could reap many benefits for your physical and mental health. Many people find more high impact exercises like boxing to have positive mental effects. Bottom line is to take your mental health seriously. Do your best to find time to turn off electronics, connect with loved ones, laugh hysterically, and get out in nature.

I’d trade all the money in the world for my health, nothing matters more to me.

Take care of yourself.

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